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Investor FAQs

Vicor Corporate Information
What year and where was Vicor incorporated?
Vicor was incorporated in the state of Delaware in 1981.
Where is Vicor's corporate headquarters?
Vicor Corporation
25 Frontage Road
Andover, MA 01810
Where does Vicor have offices in the United States? Internationally?
Visit our Contact Us page to find the address of the particular office you are looking for.
Where can I get directions to a Vicor office?
Visit our Contact Us page to find an office and directions.



Shareholder Contact Information
How do I contact Vicor Investor Relations?

You can reach the Investor Relations group at:

Telephone: 978-470-2900 x3401 or 3404
Fax: 978-749-3439

Investor Relations
Vicor Corporation
25 Frontage Road
Andover, MA 01810

How do I contact Vicor's transfer agent?

Our transfer agent is Computershare, which offers a variety of shareholder-related services. Online-services offered include:

  • Change of address
  • Transfer ownership of stock
  • Request stock certificate(s)
  • Request account statement


By Phone: 
877 282 1169 (U.S.), +1 (781) 575 2879 (International)

By Mail:
First Class/Registered/Certified Mail:
Computershare Investor Services 
PO Box 505000 
Louisville, KY 40233-5000

Courier/Overnight Services:
Computershare Investor Services
462 South 4th Street Suite 1600
Louisville, KY 40202



Stock Information
What is Vicor's ticker symbol?
Our Common Stock ticker symbol is VICR, and shares are traded on The NASDAQ Stock Market.
May Class B shares be purchased?

No. Vicor was established with two classes of common equity: our "Common Stock" and our "Class B Common Stock." Only shares of our Common Stock are listed for trading on The NASDAQ Stock Market. As such, Class B shares cannot be purchased on the open market via a securities broker.

Additionally, Class B shares are subject to restrictions on sale or transfer, requiring the holder to notify us of his or her intent to sell or transfer such shares so that they may be converted, through exchange with Vicor, into an equivalent number of shares of our Common Stock that may be sold on the open market.

If you are a holder of shares of Class B Common Stock and wish to sell or transfer your shares, contact our Chief Financial Officer, James A. Simms, who, in his capacity as Corporate Secretary, will assist you with the conversion of your Class B shares into shares of Common Stock. This conversion may be effected by the delivery of your certificate(s) representing the shares of Class B Common Stock you hold, along with a written notice of your election to convert the shares, to Mr. Simms, c/o Vicor Corporation, 25 Frontage Road, Andover, MA 01810. You also may contact Vicor's transfer agent, Computershare, at the address provided above, for assistance.

What is Vicor's CUSIP number?
How can I get the current Vicor share price?
Visit our Stock quote area to see a 20 minute delayed price on VICR, as well as other information regarding VICR stock.
Does Vicor pay a dividend on its Common Stock?
Dividends are declared at the discretion of the Company's Board of Directors and depend on actual cash from operations, the Company's financial condition and capital requirements and any other factors the Company's Board of Directors may consider relevant. Both shares of Common Stock and shares of Class B Common Stocks are eligible to receive declared dividends.
Does Vicor have a Dividend Reinvestment Program or Direct Stock Purchase Plan for stockholders?
When were Vicor's shares of Common Stock listed for trading?
Shares of our Common Stock were listed on the NASDAQ National Market System in April 1990 under the ticker symbol VICR, and we completed a registered public offering of our shares in May 1991.
When has Vicor Common Stock split?
Since becoming a public company, there have been two splits of Vicor stock.
    July 1991 2:1
    July 1995 2:1
Does Vicor have outstanding shares of preferred stock?
Although preferred stock is authorized and may be issued, no preferred shares are outstanding.



Financial and Legal Information
What is Vicor's fiscal year?
Vicor's fiscal year runs from January 1st to December 31st, and the company reports results following calendar quarters.
Who is Vicor's independent registered public accounting firm?
KPMG, LLP (Boston, Massachusetts).
Who is Vicor's outside legal counsel?
Foley & Lardner LLP (Boston, Massachusetts).